DREAMSTAGE Flashmob 2011 in Jakarta

Global Flashmob with Cassiopeia Indonesia at MONAS Jakarta-Indonesia

This event is held by Sujunesia together affliciate with Dreamstage Korea and the other local mass media in Indonesia. One of the fandom that come to this flashmob event is Cassiopeia_INA no other that it is us as a big family of Cassiopeia. This event beginning at 12.00 is at day until 5.00 pm in the evening. We were gathering at 12 am for getting some dance course before we doing that flashmob at 3 pm in the afternoon.

At the beginning our admin is really stressful for looking the place where the flashmob is going to be held and we were thinking that no one of our cassie member is come yet. But when we were trying to call sujunesia we met some of our big family member. Admin arrived at 10.35 in the morning and we meet some of cassie and also elf (everlasting friend). When it is 11.00 the other admin were coming, at the beginning we were hopeless, because the number of other fandom is more that cassie. But times goes by and our cassie were really enthusiastic to come their spirit is red like our fandom colour red ocean.

And we as admin really unexpected that the number of cassie will come is really make us surprised. It’s around 150 cassie come and we are so confused for handling those people. Cassie and admin were tutoring by kimkuon Yamacchi and Shiki sensei from TheBestK coverdance and also Deta daejun & vyhonichi sensei from himeshinki coverdance.

Maybe if we look at the colour we might lose for other fandom, but our spirit and we’ve already give our best for this Global Flashmob Day. We were dancing using Balloons and Be My Girl. Maybe some of you would asking why are we using be my girl and not using mirotic. In this opportunity admin would like to give an explanation. When we were doing our rehearsal 2 days before the day, that choreography is really looks difficult to dance in flashmob. Because when flashmob it must be compact for dancing and we must be unite as one, so we were using be my girl because it simplest than mirotic, but we put some of mirotic choreography in there. And when the song of other boy band and girl band was played we are also dancing using balloons and be my girl choreography. So in this opportunity we would like to explain that we are NOT JYJ satnd or HOMIN stand we are Cassiopeia for DB5K. And Cassiopeia are you still Keep The Faith for their comeback as five?

All admin that in charge at this Flashmob want to say thank you very much for all of cassie who came to MONAS and all of your support. And also TheBestK and Himeshinki who tutoring us to dance, and all of you that unite as one for success that flashmob.


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