[PICS] 150425 TVXQ Special Live Tour -T1ST0RY- in Shenzhen (Day 1)

b3 bt16 bt17 bt18 byj1 byj3 d41a10a0jw1eri8t03dodj218g0tm7b4 d41a10a0jw1eri8uvb3fqj218g0tmte9 d41a10a0jw1eri8uvjkk0j218g0tmwkr d41a10a0jw1eri8uw9k1ej218g0tm0zl iy5 iy6 iy8 iy9 j12 j13 j21 mb5 mb8 mb11 mb12 mr1 mr4 mr6 mr8 mr9 mr11 ne3 ne8 ne14 ne18 ne24 ne25 o1 o2 pp1 pp3 q1 q3 r1 r9 r12 s23 s34 s35 s36 t2 t3 ts4 w1 yh1 yj4

Credits: As tagged + onlytvxq1314 + Yuki_king
Shared by: DBSKnights


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