[SCAN] Jaejoong for Esquire Magazine November 2013 Issue

3a59f6d3572c11df0155a90a612762d0f603c297 943f6881800a19d89021922c31fa828ba61e467c 23740ed162d9f2d3f10932c6abec8a136327cc7b 56741fd5ad6eddc406a4a2d23bdbb6fd536633d3 3401840a19d8bc3e9c2a10e3808ba61ea8d3457c d88a1dd8bc3eb1351de5a192a41ea8d3fd1f447c ee803ef33a87e950ebe8e54512385343faf2b498 f7437d310a55b3199057945c41a98226cefc17e8 ff06cd177f3e6709f48b53d639c79f3df9dc558b

Credits: Yukari_Je via BaiduJaejoong | Dbsknights


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