[news]JYJ Junsu Kim, MBC Dokumenter partisipasi narasi Khusus

Documentary Narrated JYJ Jun Su Kim

Jun Su Kim, a singer and musical actress who is active in Zoo will be broadcast on March 25, MBC Special Documentary ‘alive’. Narrated

Broadcasters, “Jun Su Kim, Jun Su Kim, the usual love animals I’ve heard the viewers to have a dramatic and attractive tone bright, vivid stories of animals can convey seems to be,” he revealed

Jun Su Kim, narration charge “kind of like animals in the wake of the documentary I hope to bring more attention to the appearance of the animals we were too in love to hope the story is too warm and fun and a lot of people watching your healing time.”, according to testimony.

Jun Su Kim, the narrator then ‘Zoo’ is alive, conveying facial deformities in the healing process of the Siberian tiger crane, gorilla ring, married to welcome the spring, go to the zoo, such as the stones of the sea dolphins re-adaptation training is a documentary.

Zoo changed and no longer unilaterally human playground as well as a mecca for the protection of wildlife and species conservation plans to inform that. Will be broadcast on the 25th 23:05.

Jun Su Kim, the best vocals anyways Idol recent survey overwhelmingly ranked # 1 in the division, and solo album, released last May, including World Tour busy activities continuing. Korean musicals from the target actor last year, receiving the Best Actor in a musical acting also was recognized. (Photo) provide entertainment ssijeseu


translete by : cassiopiea indonesia

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